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Thanks To Extended Work From Home , My Home Internet Setup For High Availability And Redundancy

Thanks to extended work from home inflicted by Corona, my home internet has high availability and set up for redundancy, similar to Cloud Providers who have multiple availability zones.

Weekly Roundup 19th July 2020

Interesting reads for the week.

14 Years In Tech 14 Life Lessons

This 17th of July, I completed 14 years in the Tech Industry. It has been a whirlwind ride. What is life when one cannot take the time to reflect? I...

Weekly Roundup 12th July 2020

Interesting news articles that I read in the past week.

Weekly Roundup 5th July 2020

Interesting reads for the week

How To Find Useful Content To Read On A Daily Basis

On the internet, I always had this struggle to find and read content daily. By reading I mean not reading a book, but getting to read interesting content. It could...