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My AWS Reading List

Some time back I wrote a post about how I find useful content to read on a daily basis. In this post, I would want to dive deep on how...

Weekly Roundup August 2020

Interesting reads for the week of 30th Aug , 2020

Cloud Vendor Lock In Conundrum

The whole world and its infrastructure are moving into Cloud at a rapid pace in the last decade. The speed and frenzy of this transformation have caught everyone by surprise....

Weekly Roundup 2nd August 2020

Interesting reads for this week.

AWS for Application And Solution Architects And BackEnd Developers

AWS and Cloud is all the rage these days and almost everyone is jumping into the bandwagon. But to get started in AWS may feel very daunting because AWS has...

Weekly Roundup 26th July 2020

Interesting reads for the last week.