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Blinkist Speed Reading For The Digital World

Have you ever felt that reading books is generally a good habit and you wanting to pursue, but trying to read books or persisting with reading books regularly is tough?...

Inevitability Of Platform Engineering

With the advent of Cloud Computing and Microservices, it solved a lot of challenges that are usually associated with the on-prem setup and monolith applications. And the whole industry tried...

Weekly Roundup 14th June 2020

Interesting reads for this week.

Weekly Roundup 7th June 2020

Interesting reads for the week of 7th June 2020

Microservices And Databases

When it comes to microservices, the thinking around databases has to be radical and very different. Following are the essential considerations :

Weekly Roundup 31st May 2020

Starting this week, to make my habit of blogging more regularly, I have tried to come up with Weekly Round-Up posts that are a compilation of all interesting blogs or...