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Weekly Roundup 5th July 2020

Interesting reads for the week

How To Find Useful Content To Read On A Daily Basis

On the internet, I always had this struggle to find and read content daily. Read meaning not reading a book, but interesting content in the form of news articles, blogs,...

Weekly Round Up 28th June 2020

Weekly Round-up of interesting articles that I read in the web in the last one week.

No Code Tools, The Tech Co Founder You Were Always Looking For

There is always a running joke in the start-up world - whenever there is an after-event party or socialising event, there are always one or two enterprising founders trying to...

Experiences With Implementing Observability For Serverless Applications Using Native Aws Services

In case of the traditional setup of cloud infrastructure, logging and monitoring is quite a huge architecture decision - be it deciding on the logging and monitoring stack of ELK...

Weekly Roundup 21 June 2020

Interesting reads from this week