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Hello World Blog

Well, I do not really remember when was the last time I blogged. I had my fair share of attempts at running a personal blog and tech-focused blog long back. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, I stopped blogging and the interest to write anything is restricted to mostly Twitter threads.

The genesis for this blog was triggered when I purchased a new .dev domain dinakaran.dev a few days back. Even a couple of years back, I registered one more domain and set up a single page profile using some free hosting provider. But beyond that, I lost interest to do anything. I hope that I do something with this domain this time.

I was looking for some blog hosting options which could help me to use my custom domain for the blog. Blogspot allowed it but the themes were limited. Wordpress and other providers had options but nothing was free. I wanted a very Medium-ish design for a very minimal look and feel. I spent a really long time searching but could not zero in on any decent options.

Finally, in my twitter timeline, somebody showed their new site built using Jekyll and I was super impressed. Also, the fact that we could host the site from Github made it super interesting. I had a look at the various free themes provided in Jekyll themes and finalized on this Medium like Jekyll Theme

I hurriedly did a bit of basic customization to remove some bits and pieces and finally, here it is. I used Prose online editor for content authoring that pushes the post into GitHub easily. It is simple, nifty and easy to use.

I do hope that this time around, I keep blogging without stopping after a couple of months. I have still not decided on what to blog so far. Let’s see how it goes. Fingers crossed.