Weekly Roundup 7th June 2020

Dinakaran Sankaranarayanan


Weekly Roundup 7th June 2020

Interesting reads for the week of 7th June 2020

1. Learning via Illustrations of Web Security

WebSecurity is one of the topics that I have delved into very often but somehow have not got a hang of it. But the amazing thing about the internet is that few people have this awesome gift of breaking down even the complex topics that could be easily understood by a larger crowd.

This below illustration by Maggie Appleton (@Mappletons) is awesome and does a really good detail of explaining the various web security that we need to focus in detail. It is a pretty neat illustration and that drives home the point succinctly.


2. Slack is going to use AWS Chime infrastructure for audio and video conference. But why?

Query Quin (@QuinnyPig), the popular and quirky Cloud Economist makes a living insulting cloud providers and other technology companies for a living. He trolls AWS Chime service too often. And the way how AWS responds to him is awesome. They constantly engage with him even though some of his understanding on the tech side of things is complete non-sense. Here in this episode, AWS Chime General Manager talks about what it means for Slack to integrate AWS Chime. The talk goes very deep into the challenges associated with building the audio and video infrastructure for infinite velocity and how AWS Chime being the plumbing infrastructure on top of which other companies are innovating. Sid makes easy for a really solid case of how the Chime SDK is going to deliver on pretty unique and different use-cases. Interesting listen.


3. Joe Rogan Experience with Naval, Video Podcast

Naval Ravikant(@naval) is regarded as a modern-day tech philosopher. There is an amazing fan base for him on Twitter. This podcast was recorded some time back but came in my Twitter timeline very recently. In this amazing 2 hours-long conversation, Naval touches pretty interesting topics that were well summarized by people on Twitter. Give it a listen.

Snippets of conversation, compiled by twitter users. The video’s first comment has a good compilation.

  • Work like a lion, not a cow. We need to work in short, creative, powerful bursts. Like a lion hunting. Not in a slow, tedious, monotonous pace like a cow chewing cud.

  • If you want to see who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticize.

  • Your real resume is a catalogue of your suffering. Our struggles, and victory over them, are what form us and make us unique. Happiness is a universal experience. Our struggles are unique and personal.

  • Learning to be alone and enjoying it is a superpower.

  • Meditation, reading, time alone, in quiet, doing absolutely nothing. These are all important to help us form ourselves and our own thoughts, instead of allowing social media, the news, and society to over-influence us.


So that’s it for this week.