Launching my new tech podcast Master Of None

Dinakaran Sankaranarayanan


Launching my new tech podcast Master Of None

As we near the end of 2020 with the entire world getting into podcasting big time and podcast becoming mainstream, I do not want to become left out. Because I love to experiment with all things new and shiny. So jumping into the bandwagon and created my new podcast ‘Master Of None’.

Through this Master Of None podcast, I would like to provide a running commentary on the emerging and new trends in the tech industry focussing predominantly on the intersection of cloud, programming, architecture, DevOps, machine learning and security. I hope you find the topics discussed in the podcast interesting.

To be frank, I found blogging to be taking a lot of time, to write, review and publish. So I thought podcasting may be easy because we can just talk and get over with it, only to realize that is not true. Podcasting is hard and listening to your voice makes the whole process middling. I also did not have the energy to edit or change the recordings way too much due to unawareness of new tools that can help to make the process easier. Beyond a point, re-recording became laborious that I cheated myself to, ‘Let’s keep it natural’ to all the bad English and stuttering. I understand there is really a lot to improve, but I’m just pushing ahead to publish even though it is not to the level I want it to be. But then you got to start somewhere right?

I’m creating this podcast entirely through the mobile app called Anchor FM. This app helps to record and publish to podcasts to all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. It makes the creation and publishing part relatively easier. Spotify has bought this app and is looking to become the epicentre of all things about podcasting. There are some monetisation options available for podcast creators based out of US only at this point of time.

I have created one of my very first episodes that talk about “The Serverless Mindset”. In this 15 min talk, I discuss what The Serverless Mindset is all about. What is Serverless and how do we go about architecting and designing applications leveraging the various offering from cloud and saas providers using the low code / no code and low infra / no infra mindset.

And another episode bit longer at 29 minutes is around the Hype Around Cloud. In the last 5 to 6 years, there is a lot of hype and momentum around Cloud. A lot of traditional businesses, governments, startups and freelance developers have started using the cloud. There are a lot of job opportunities too these days. To understand the demand, it is useful to jog down the memory lane to see how applications were built before and how things have changed in the last 10 years and how Cloud is going to evolve in the next decade.

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Permission to publish to other podcasts like Apple and Google is still being awaited.

I’m really curious and excited as to where this journey would lead me to. If there are any specific area/ topics that you are curious and interested to understand better, please let me know. I will try to cover as part of future episodes.

Hope you like it.