Deployment Strategies for Modern Infrastructure

Dinakaran Sankaranarayanan


Deployment Strategies for Modern Infrastructure

In this podcast, we are going to discuss the Deployment Strategies that can be adopted for managing modern infrastructure. Customers are digitally savvy these days and downtime is frowned upon. So how can we plan our deployment in such a way so that there is little to no downtime for the end-users?

To arrive on a deployment strategy, we need to understand the requirements to start with and then mapping each deployment strategy with pros and cons. I have discussed on the capabilities and requirements for arriving and deciding on deployment strategies, the various deployment strategies like Recreate, Rolling Updates, Blue Green, Canary and A/B Testing. Monitoring and Deployment Automation is another important aspect that needs to be factored. With Modern workloads in the cloud, Immutable Infrastructure as a paradigm is gaining traction.

Finally, we end up discussing the best practices for Safer Production Deployment.

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Some of the topics discussed :

Capabilities of Deployment

  1. Provision
  2. Configure
  3. Deploy
  4. Scale
  5. Monitor

Requirements to firm up a Deployment Strategy

  1. Zero Downtime
  2. Real Traffic Testing
  3. Targeted Users
  4. Cost
  5. RollBack
  6. End User impact
  7. Complexity of Setup

Deployment Strategies

  1. Re-create
  2. Blue Green
  3. Rolling Updates / Ramped Up
  4. Canary
  5. A/B testing

Other factors to be considered :

  • Monitoring and Automation of Deployment
  • Immutable Infrastructure As A Paradigm
  • Tips and Best Practices for Safe Deployment